Design Meets Business is a podcast that inspires designers to think beyond pixels. On this show you'll hear design leaders from all over the world talk about their stories, lessons they've learned during their careers, and how you can use Design to make a bigger impact in your organisation.

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Microsoft's Jamie Young on Storytelling and the Need for Designers to Evolve

Jamie shares with us his thoughts on the evolution of the design role, the need to be a good storyteller, and about staying as an individual contributor vs. moving int...

Alex Cuthbert of Gojek on Leading Design Organisations

Get your notebooks out for this conversation, because Alex is sharing all about his experience leading design organisations, and about his management style, and about ...

Google’s Dean Hudson on Making Design More Transparent and Putting Your Best Foot Forward in Your Job Search

Dean shares with us his thoughts on how you can put your best foot forward during your job search and how you can make design more transparent through relationship bui...

Ioana Teleanu on Design Education and Speaking the Stakeholder's Language

On this episode I talk to Ioana about the importance of speaking your stakeholders' language, how you can learn from her career trajectory, and about design education.

Roger Rohatgi on Value Frameworks and Working as a Global Head of Design for BP

Roger shares with us the value framework his team uses to quantify design and talks about the 'invisible' work of a design leader.

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