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The show where Design leaders discuss their roles and how they impact businesses

52 min

This is an insights-packed conversation around how to build better relationships at work, how to use data to your advantage, and about design ethics.

58 min

Megan shared how the entire 99designs team is involved in research, the challenges of designing for a global audience, and parallels between sports and work.

55 min

Ed talks about the behind-the-scenes work of a design leader, ways of building relationships, and his thoughts on design education.

58 min

Our conversation was centered around linking Design with the wider business efforts and round hiring – how to stand out, how to create a better portfolio, and what to ask in interviews.

57 min

David shares with us his framework for experimentation and how to build trust with your product team. We also talk about the crossover of skills between entrepreneurs and designers.

39 min

Conor and I talk about how designers can prove their value in larger companies, why working in silos is a thing of the past, and how to transition from a design leader to a business leader.

44 min

Jane and I talk about her opinions of what's the most crucial aspect of being a design leader, quantifying the value of our design work, and what we can do to support designers who are just starting out.

49 min

Rochelle and I talk about why being a designer is a huge responsibility, why it's important to understand what matters to people outside of the design team, and how to be more transparent about our work.

50 min

Olivier and I talk about the difference between designing consumer products vs. enterprise software, and how advocating for Design in organisations is supposed to be a long game.

45 min

On today's show Tommy and I discuss what separates successful designers from the less successful ones, the two viable career choices for creatives, and what he's looking for in a portfolio when he's hiring.

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Product Designer

Christian Vasile