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The show where Design leaders discuss their roles and how they impact businesses

58 min

Jamie shares with us his thoughts on the evolution of the design role, the need to be a good storyteller, and about staying as an individual contributor vs. moving into management.

52 min

Get your notebooks out for this conversation, because Alex is sharing all about his experience leading design organisations, and about his management style, and about how to frame design at the C-level.

59 min

Dean shares with us his thoughts on how you can put your best foot forward during your job search and how you can make design more transparent through relationship building and collaboration.

60 min

On this episode I talk to Ioana about the importance of speaking your stakeholders' language, how you can learn from her career trajectory, and about design education.

50 min

Roger shares with us the value framework his team uses to quantify design and talks about the 'invisible' work of a design leader.

52 min

This is an insights-packed conversation around how to build better relationships at work, how to use data to your advantage, and about design ethics.

58 min

Megan shared how the entire 99designs team is involved in research, the challenges of designing for a global audience, and parallels between sports and work.

55 min

Ed talks about the behind-the-scenes work of a design leader, ways of building relationships, and his thoughts on design education.

58 min

Our conversation was centered around linking Design with the wider business efforts and round hiring – how to stand out, how to create a better portfolio, and what to ask in interviews.

57 min

David shares with us his framework for experimentation and how to build trust with your product team. We also talk about the crossover of skills between entrepreneurs and designers.

Who's hosting the show?

Product Designer

Christian Vasile